Chapter One: January

I have a confession to make. I’ve already kinda/sorta cheated by reading something before the list went up: Charlaine Harris’ Grave Surprise. This should appease those of you who have claimed my to-be-read list was too high falutin’ — of course it is, those are the books gravesurpI have been putting off reading in favor of fun stuff like this. Harris also writes the Sookie Stackhouse series,  but I like the heroine of this series, Harper,  better than Sookie. She’s had an even tougher life than Sookie has, and has an even more difficult-to-cope-with talent than Sookie does. And she doesn’t have supernatural beings falling in love with her every 10 seconds. Harper and her stepbrother Tolliver, who travel around the country finding dead bodies (Harper’s special talent, given after a lightning strike) for a living.

Read on for the full list for January.


What I’d like to read this year, and why — part I

I’ve been thinking a little more about how I want to structure my list. At the beginning of each month, I’m going to choose two or three titles at random, and then two or three titles from this list of books I’ve been wanting to read but for one reason or another, have not yet made it to. There will be  nonfiction additions to the list (hence “part I”) but here are the novels I have so far, in no particular order: Continue reading


I’ve started this blog to try to focus my reading efforts. Though I’ve loved to read since the day I learned how, I’ve always been something of a magpie when it comes to books — picking up whatever looks bright and shiny, and following it to my next read, whether it be the author’s backlist or other books on a similar topic. My day job, as an editor at a book review, means I always have a fresh supply of finished books and galley proofs tempting me. It is possible for me to gulp books down at a rate of 3 a week, sometimes more. Once I pick up a book, I almost always finish it in the same day.

This has served me pretty well so far, but after 20-odd years of reading this way I’ve decided to try to be a bit more deliberate in my selections this year, to see if it affects the way I read and think about books. Basically, I’ll be going on a diet — but instead of monitoring what goes into my body, I’m watching out for my mind. Each month, I’ll make up a list of books to be read and document my progress here. I’m sure I’ll cheat and throw in a few bright and shiny things…but I plan on sticking to it for the most part. Anyone who finds this blog is welcome to read along with me, critique my selections or offer up new ones. How do you decide what to read?